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4:44= The Power of 3

444-2 Disconnected and feeling lost, I sit while my mind wanders aimlessly. I am exhausted but I can’t sleep tired from doing nothing, weary from the feeling of emptiness and despair. Confused and unable to focus. Goals with out a plan are simply dreams…are they worthless without a plan of execution? Can I , Should I, will I? Questions but no answers in sight. Feeling the need  to sleep, feeling like a failure, thinking that the morning may bring changes, a new day, a new beginning, a fresh perspective…nope..nothing. How did I get here? What is the plan? I thought I had it figured out? What happened and where is my drive? Where is my direction? Where are my Angels? I can’t hear you, I need you, Speak to me Please!!!

I can’t quiet my mind, I can’t focus, meditation is the answer but how? why is it so hard? Spiritual baths, candles, sage, crystals..nothing.  Okay here it is, Mercury in retrograde! This feels like a hangover that refuses to leave and I wasn’t even drunk! Not me I am stronger than this! I am not, I will not be affected. I stop fighting, surrender, sleep, and call on the ascended masters. I surrender all, Universe hear me, help me, show me.

Fried chicken and fish, chocolate chip cookies and candy…lower vibration foods. My body has not had these things in 8 months.  So I fast, no meat, no sugar, just liquids, fruit and veggies. Consistency is key. I need to get grounded so I light  2 red candles and 2 white candles, carnelian, amethyst, lava stone, labradorite, Tigers eye, white sage and think of my root chakra, I meditate, still hard but I push through. I go for a 6 mile walk after not exerciseing for 6 weeks due to a fractured rib:( I needed that, body sore, every muscle in distress, feet hurting hips aching, back throbbing but I push. The sun, the wind, the grass so soothing to my soul I hear you God. Thank you, I feel you I see you! I can pray again. I am meditating again.

I can see it again everything that I want, everything I desire, everything that I need it’s mine! I can breathe again!! Now whats next? The Universe says pick one. One thing at a time and it all became clear. Everything that was confusing is obvious, every question answered, every obstacle clear, every problem solved. I work, and work and work and I am so excited My eyes gave up before my body and my mind. I sleep a peaceful, restful sleep and in my dream I see my future as if it was happening in real time. I wake refreshed and ready to take on the world. I work and I work the next day as well smiling the entire time because I know this is it. The plan is coming together, it’s real, it’s happening right before my eyes and I love it. Not worried about the next plans, not concerned about the how but simply enjoying “The Now” I am thankful for this moment right now. I am thankful for all that I have and thankful for all that is waiting on me to receive. Gratitude is the answer, gratitude is the foundation for a multitude of blessings.

Again, my eyes give out before my body and my mind so I drift off into a deep seemingly uninterrupted slumber. 4:44am yep this is it! I wake rested and alert i know this is the message that I have been asking for.




“Angel Number 444 is a message that the angels and Archangels are with you, encouraging and guiding you. They are offering you positive energies, inner-strength and
support to enable you to get the work done that you need to. They know and understand that you have been toiling diligently towards your goals, and encourage you to continue on your current path to achieve the success and results you desire. Use your strong connection with the angelic realm to your benefit and be open to their promptings and messages. Listen to your intuition and follow its guidance.

Angel Number 444 is a message that you have nothing to fear in regards to your life, work and Divine life purpose. When you take positive action towards your highest intentions, aspirations and goals, the Universe works in your favor and helps you to establish solid foundations and advance you along your path. Know that the angels surround and support you, encouraging you to keep up the good work you have been doing.

Angel Number 444 brings a message that ‘all is well’. Trust that you are on your correct life path and are doing a great job. The angels and Archangels are available for help and guidance –  all you need to do is ask”.

~ Angel message courtesy of Joan Sacred Scribes


The Bible…Fact or Fiction

why-study-the-bibleThe Bible…A book of revelation or acquired knowledge is the question. But what is the answer?

“The Bible is the account of God’s action in the world, and his purpose with all creation. The writing of the Bible took place over sixteen centuries and is the work of over forty human authors.” states  The International Bible Society. They also state as many others have that ” The accounts in the Bible were not generally written down as they occurred. Rather they were told over and over again and handed down through the years, before eventually being written down.”

With that being said, have you ever played the game say what I say? A game where people sit in a circle and start a story, the next person repeats what you say and in turn, adds to it, This cycle continues and each person has to repeat what the last person said and also contributes to the story. Well needless to say that by the time the story makes its back around it has been altered and most of the story is lost in translation. If I make a phone cal to my mother and ask her to pass a message to my sister I usually have to repeat exactly what I said because again, the information is “lost in translation.

According to Wikipedia  The Bible has been translated into many languages from the biblical languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. As of September 2016 the full Bible has been translated into 636 languages, the New Testament alone into 1442 languages and Bible portions or stories into 1145 other languages. There are at least 6 English Versions but most Christians swear by the King James Version even though most especially children and young adults cannot even comprehend it. If we are really being transparent most “Sword carrying ” adults don’t either.  So is it safe to say that maybe, just maybe the actual message from God has been lost in translation?

I would like to think that  God has not forgotten the people of this century and speaks to some of us just as he did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. I would like to believe that he loves us just as he loved Moses and Abraham and speaks to us directly on a regular basis. I also believe that these books are stories of an account of events and instructions for a given time and purpose, not intended to always be taken so literal. But to be used as a guide and Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Metaphorically speaking I can relate to a “ram in the bush”, but would God ask you to take your child and sacrifice as a test in this day and time? Probably not, but if he did would you? Life is tough and has shown to be more challenging to some than others. I am sure if tested a Job was most would not be able to endure with such dignity and loyalty.  It is easy to pick and choose what scriptures that best suit you and hold the entire world to a totally different set of self-righteous standards. But if you actually read the bible and ask God to give you an understanding then you would see how the message is intended to be delivered and received.

If I put together every bit of information I received from The Most High in Prayer and meditation, wrote an account of every Divinely guided situation could it be added as one of the books of the bible or would it be The New Millenial Version 2017? I mean I have conversations with The Creator, I know the voice of the Divine. Do you believe that or would you call me crazy because you have never actually experienced such joy? I am not saying that there is no truth to the bible but I do not believe that people respect and utilize the bible for it true and intended purpose.

What’s Love got To Do With It???


Love is a word most often taken for granted, and quite often misused. Webster will tell you that Love is ” a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person”The Urban dictionary even goes so far as to state; Love “nature’s way of tricking people into reproducing” offers these definitions: a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. 3. sexual passion or desire. 4. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person;
   The Bible tells us in, I Corinthians 13 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned,[a]but have not love, it profits me nothing.
    So I understand this to mean that without love everything else is worthless without the presence of love. You can speak about love but unless you know und understand love the word are worthless.
   The Bible also goes on to state in the following verses: Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
   Now if you believe this to be true then there would be no hatred in the world. You would not hate your neighbor, co-worker, ex-husband/wife, or the girl next door. If you actually believed this to be true would there be divorce?
I hear too many times, God doesn’t want me to be unhappy…I don’t have to deal with this! or it is not that much love in the world! Why not is my question? Why would you take a vow before God and your family, spend thousands of dollars on a ceremony, and promise to love someone until death we do part when what you really mean is; until you no longer meet my selfish  needs, until you make me angry, until I meet someone else that turns me on more, until you no longer validate me or in a nutshell “Until I won’t like you anymore”?
 I Corinthians 13 13 And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.
We speak of faith daily, We claim hope constantly, but where is the love? We judge, we are envious,  we are prideful, we behave rudely to those we claim to love, constantly brag about our accomplishments and things that we have acquired, and the minute someone does or says something that we do not like we abandon ship. That my friends is not Love as I understand it.
   Love is the greatest gift yet we feel as if we are entitled to it with no real understanding or reciprocation. How can we love when we don’t even know what love is? Most of us don’t even love ourselves yet expect for someone else to love us. you can’t even receive love because there is no pathway. Your heart may not even recognize the true feeling of love.
   I offer to you my revelation of Love: God is Love, Love is God, God lives in me, I am Love.
When you have salvation, which is peace and fulfillment, you will learn to live life in total abundance. You will learn to live life as if you have everything you need and appreciate everything you have and never live in a state of lack or fear. You live in a state of joy that depends on nothing and is non-conditional that requires nothing outside of itself.It is not a fleeting experience, it is, on the contrary, an immutable presence. It is to “know God”
Until you come to this knowing, yes I say knowing because this cannot simply be understood. Until you can access this level of consciousness and live in the frequency of this presence you will continue to experience failed and flawed relationships. You will continue to experience the feeling of lack. There will always be a feeling of desperation. You will find it almost impossible to feel complete. A life of abundance is waiting for you. Are you ready?
In closing I ask the question again;
What’s love got to do with it?
I answer in repetition; ” God is Love, Love is God, God Lives in me, I am Love”.
Love is my religion

A message from the Angels


How often do you find that you can’t get a good night sleep? How many times do you find yourself awake at the same time almost every night without fail? No amount of sleeping pills, alcohol or drugs can help.You try sleep therapy and maybe one or two restful nights and then…insomnia again. You scroll through social media to find so many people to be awake having the same “ugh why am I not sleeping” conversation. Someone tells you to pray but you don’t make prayer a habit so you don’t know where to begin. Maybe you aren’t a religious person so you think to yourself “for what?’ You think prayer is a waste of time so you continue to scroll, wishing you could sleep, you start texting people, have a drink, smoke a blunt, clean your room, cook a full course meal, or engage in some activity that you hope no one finds out about in the morning…lol

You hear that meditation works but that is for Buddist…right? But what do I have to loose? It worked for Tina Turner. Now you are sitting with your legs crossed, your index fingers and thumbs touching trying to remember the chant, Nom ye O Rack Em Pion…clearly, that’s not it. Now your mind is wandering again. What am I going to wear today? What am I going to eat for dinner? I wonder what he/she is doing?  Why didn’t he/she call me back? How am I going to get the money to pay for this or that? I would really like to go to Aruba. Why is everyone married but me? I really wish I had the money to start my own business. When will I finally be happy? So you stop…and think to yourself I knew this wouldn’t work! Now it’s time to get ready for work or school and you are exhausted because “UHGG I have been awake all night!”

Trust me when I tell you that you can fight this for days, weeks, months, or years but until you finally get the message you will experience many “wasted” sleepless nights. Yes I said “wasted”. I say this because when you finally get the message, when you finally listen, when you finally learn to channel your Angels or spirit guides those nights will be miserably wasted. Seconds, minutes, hours wasted. Time you will never get back. But was it really “wasted” time? I beg to differ. I know that a seed was being planted. A foundation was being laid. You were being summoned, you just didn’t pay attention to the signs. There was a message for you but you didn’t receive it. You didn’t recognize the signs.  There will come a time when you understand that the Ascended masters were reaching out to you. That the Universe was sending you instructions. That The Angels were protecting and guiding you and preparing you for this day. The day that you would read this and it would all began to make sense!

Those numbers that you keep seeing. Those dreams that you keep having.The fact that you wake up around the same time every night. The reason why you cannot be around a lot of people. The reason you are drawn to nature. There is a reason why you have a longing for large bodies of water.  Colors mean so much to you for a reason. Why you question so many things about religion and life.  There is a reason why you hear things that no one else around you does. There is a reason your life seems to be falling apart again and again and again. You have a purpose in this lifetime. Something that you and only you can do. Your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you. The only time they can is in the middle of the night when everything is quiet. I urge you to listen. Pay attention to the signs and follow the instructions. Trust your intuition it will never steer you wrong.

Meditation does work and so does prayer. Take some time to try and quite your mind. Ask for guidance from your spirit guides. They are waiting on you. If you find it hard to concentrate write your questions on paper, meaning write a letter asking for guidance from the Angels(spirit guides) trust that you will receive the answers and notice that the messages will become very clear. The more you ask the more answers you will get.No don’t ask if you are going to take over the world…lol I mean ask what is the message, what is your soul mission?   You have problems in life and you continue to struggle to try and figure it out yourself. The Angels are here to assist you on your life mission. They are here to help you achieve your goals. The power is in you. You just have to learn to trust. There is a higher power and it lives in you. You have the power to make your dreams come true. You have the power to manifest true abundance. The Divine is available to assist you.
You signed up for this life. Now it’s time to follow the blueprint, Ask for guidance, listen to the instructions, and walk in your purpose.








The Road to Infinite Abundance

Today is January 5, 2017! I have no news years resolutions, No “New Year New Me”. Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I resolve to become a better version of myself . Not because it is the beginning of a new year but because life is a gift that we all take for granted.

How many times has something bad happened in your life and your initial reaction was “I knew it” ? Ok, so how many times has something good happened to you and you had the same response? Most people can agree that we do not have that same response as often when good things happen. We have been conditioned to expect the worst. But what really happens is, we give so much thought to the things we don’t want in our life that we actually make room for undesirable situations to manifest by constantly focusing on them.

The mind is powerful  and  there is power in your words. Take that same energy and focus on something positive, something great, something amazing! The results are unbounded! If you pray for something to happen in your life but still doubt that it can happen, what message are you sending to the creator of the universe?  What message are you sending to yourself? You say that your life is destined for disappointment and despair and you either don’t believe that you deserve better or you don’t believe in the power of the Almighty.

I challenge you to focus on something that would bring you joy unspeakable. Focus on something that you have always wanted, something you need or someplace you have always wanted to travel. Write it down on a note card and carry it with you. This is called an affirmation. Read this affirmation aloud and often throughout the day. There is power in your words. Give your affirmation power. Leave the doubt out of the equation. Don’t concern yourself with how it will happen, simply believe that it will happen. Give thanks before you receive it and watch how the Universe will reward you. God lives in you and you have the power to manifest all of your desires.

The Law of Attraction is real! Faith is real! If you give your focus to undesirable situations you allow them to manifest in your life. Now let us shift out thinking in a positive direction. Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, you have not because you ask not…Stand in the receptive mode and live in a constant state of positive expectation. Give thanks while in the receiving mode.


If you accept this challenge let me know. I would love to hear about your good fortune.


Photo taken by Anet Tascio

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